What’s up everyone. I’m Jordan and I’m going to be showing you three plant-based dinner recipes. Two these are just our simple casual weeknight dinners that we have typically on repeat or every other week. I think dinner is one of the hardest meals to plan for because usually everybody’s coming together for dinner. So, it has to please lots of people. It’s got to be hearty, it’s gotta be filling, and  it’s got to be what you want to come home to.

I love cooking dinner when I get home, but I like to keep it short and simple and delicious. So, here we’re having some sweet potato and black bean fajita vegetables, with some cilantro lime cauliflower rice. So, this meal will be grain free. Not that I am grain free person, I just really wanted to make some cauliflower rice instead of regular rice. So, yeah we’re gonna try that out.

First thing we need is a sweet potato. I’m just gonna chop it up and we’re gonna chop up a white onion into like some big chunks and I’m gonna toss it in with the sweet potato and this is all gonna get roasted together. Now, there is everything that we need for the cilantro lime cauliflower rice. I’m about to chop the cauliflower and just throw it in the skillet. Now, we put in our lime juice, some salt, some pepper, and some avocado oil to saute the cauliflower. and got some toasted sesame oil this will go on at the end this just gives the cauliflower a really good toasty flavor and it makes it taste some more similar to rice sarlaac butter and some onion powder [Music] it’s Wednesday night and time for another dinner recipe got everything laid out and to be honest I’m feeling kind of headachy I just got home from work and I just had a snack so I do feel a little bit better but I am serving and I’m so glad we’re having pasta tonight because pasta just like makes me feel so good we’re doing like a pasta primavera and I’m trying something a little bit different tonight I’m like kind of merging a bunch of recipes that I’ve seen before and keeping it really super simple so let me show you what we’ve got our pasta it’s gonna be what I have left of these penne ancient grains I’ve got half of a yellow onion chopped up we’re gonna saute that these are our vegetables got broccoli peas green beans carrots celery already some onion some mushrooms some red peppers I thought those would be really good in a pasta primavera also it would be really good in a stir-fry some nutritional yeast I’m gonna add a lot of that to the sauce to make it nice and cheesy and salty and then we’ve got some tomato basil sauce I’m gonna add that in there I love this brand they have really good ingredients and then to make it a little creamy I’m going to add a combo of like couple dashes of unsweetened almond milk to make kind of like a rose a sauce with the tomato basil sauce and then a little bit of cashew butter you could definitely probably omit this but I think it’s just gonna like make it nice and thick and creamy I don’t know we’ll see I might add in some arugula just because we have it in the fridge and I need to use it up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s time for our third and final weeknight dinner and tonight it’s gonna be SuperDuper quick and simple we are just doing some veggie burgers some baked fries and some sauteed greens it’s just gonna be like a mix of stuff that’s left over I need to get everything out I’ve already got the oven going for the baked fries they take the longest so I’m just gonna get out my russet potato and show you how I cook them just cleaned my big russet potato I always try to find the biggest one I can and I just rinsed it and I’m just scrubbing it because I like to keep the skin on and now we’re just gonna cut it into some big ol fry shapes [Music] there are two different methods I have for baking these fries to make them crispy without using any oil or both you’re gonna need a baking sheet like this my favorite way to do it is with one of these Silpat Macs something about this Silpat mat just like crisps things up on all sides like any veggie I love it and it’s nonstick so it cleans up really easily and nothing sticks to it now if you don’t have one of those parchment paper will work but it just doesn’t work in the same way for whatever reason could also which I’ve done this use a cooling rack so normally this is like a cooling rack for your baked goods you can also set this on top of your baking sheet and you can lay the fries out like that on the cooling rack on top of the baking sheet and put it in the oven like that you just have to be careful that way all the sides get nice and crispy because the heat from the oven is able to circulate around it you don’t want to crowd them otherwise they’re gonna steam instead of roast and get crispy I’m just gonna spread them out I’ve got the oven at 375 just because I find 400 I don’t know my oven might just be really hot I find it 400 they like cook too fast so I like 375 I set the timer for thirty minutes and just check them and see what they look like and then I add five minutes if I need it we’ve got the left over arugula that I need to do something with that’ll go in at the end cuz it’ll wilt super fast we’ve got some frozen broccoli florets that I need to use we have some roasted cabbage it does not look like much in there but it tastes really good I just need to chop it up from garlic powder some balsamic vinegar and some soy sauce the two of these together on veggies are like magic because this is nice and salty and gives that like savory flavor balsamic vinegar it’s like sour and sweet a little bit of avocado oil for sautee I’m gonna add some dried thyme in there as well really hope you guys enjoyed this week’s video all about quick and easy weeknight meals you sure you subscribe and like this video and comment down below with any questions or comments or your favorite weeknight meals that you like to make for you and your family I will see you next week for another video bye [Music] you [Music]

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