Why Not to Buy an Extended Car Warranty (Scam)

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
help you decide if you should buy an extended warranty when you buy a car or not, now
extended warranties came into my mind a few days ago, when one of my customers
was buying a brand new car and they said, the salesman was pushing and
pushing for hours to sell them one of these extended warranty plans, and since
they’re buying a new Toyota I said, well you didn’t waste your money and buy one
did you, they said no, we just went with a warranty that the car came with, but they
wanted to know why they were pushing the warranty sales to him, well I did a
little research on the internet and found out why, the answer was simple, it
turns out that when they’re selling you one of these extended warranty plans, the
Commission to the sales guy is almost 50% of what you’re paying for the entire
insurance policy, so they’re making the money selling it to you, and conversely,
that means that half of the money you’re spending goes for a commission, so the
insurance policy is only worth half of the money you pay for it, that’s a great
deal for the salesman, but not such a hot deal for you, as an example, I had a customer
with a Volvo that bought one of those extended warranties on a used car, and he
brought it to me and I looked I said, well the rear main seal the engine is
leaking oil, so I called up the company and they said, oh well that’s not covered
under the warranty, you have to realize that an extended warranty is just an
insurance plan through an insurance company, and guess who decides what’s
covered and what isn’t the company itself, and when I read through the guys
policy, I told him, I said, the only person that could really comprehend this
policy would be a lawyer / mechanic, because there were legal terms, but there
are also mechanical terms, so you’re not going to find too many lawyers /
mechanics to help you out, and to make matters even worse, I had another
customer who had a Fiat, and they bought an extended warranty from a third party,
when they brought it over here and I found out that it needed an alternator, I
called the 1-800 number, only to find that the company didn’t exist anymore,
they’d gone bankrupt, I find if you’re buying a quality car like a Toyota, or Honda,
and something that’s really going to last, you’re better off looking at the money
that it costs for the extended warranty, just put that in the bank, and use that
for repairs, and you’ll probably be thinking Scotty years down the line, when you
don’t spend any of that money on the repairs that would have been covered, and
you still have the money that you would have wasted on this policy, but there are
times that I do advise my customers to buy a warranty policy, and that is when
they buy the wrong type of car, if they buy a Mercedes, or a Jaguar,
by all means buy a policy, but buy it from the dealer where it’s going to be
stood by, because I’ve had many customers with Jaguars, Mercedes, Porsches, they
ended up getting five or six times the amount of work done that they paid for
the policy on those cars, because they break down as they age, but then again if
you’re wise, don’t even buy those cars in the first place, so now you know a bit
more about extended warranty policies why it’s probably not a good idea for
you to waste money on them, but why the salesmen love try to sell them to you, more
quick fixes on the Scotty Kilmer channel.


First 7 Things To Do After Buying A Used Car

hey everybody I’m here today to talk to you about the first seven things to do after buying a used car if you have purchased a used car whether it is two years old or 20 years old or 40 years old it’s a really good idea to do these seven things first because they are crucial and critical in having that used car run well and I’m sure that’s what you want to happen now let’s get right to it number one is to take care of the paperwork now I know that if you’re buying a used car the first thing that you want to do is just drive it because you’re buying it because you like the used car and you want to drive it you want to experience that used car but you should take care of you all of the paperwork first your insurance your registration the ownership the licensing the license plates whatever it is where you live that you need to do make sure that you take care of all that stuff first I know that it’s tempting to just want to drive that car and experience how that car feels when you drive it but take care of the paperwork you will be thankful that you did later okay number two has changed the oil now even if the previous owner said that they changed the oil they just changed the oil and you check the oil dipstick and it looks great you should still change the oil just because you don’t exactly know they could have said they just changed the oil you don’t know what the situation is I’m not saying that they’re lying to you I’m just saying that you just paid for this vehicle so you might as well do the right things to make sure that it is running properly now if you can change the oil oil yourself that’s great because then you can actually see what’s going on with the oil when you drain it when you replace it and so forth you can get a good look at the underbody of the car and the engine bay but if you can’t replace the oil that’s fine to just go to a mechanic shop and have them replace the oil I would also ask the mechanic kindly to just take a look at the condition of the oil and the engine bay just take a very very quick look okay now you you probably will have already inspected the car but just have the mechanic that’s changing the oil just take a quick look and if you’re changing to all yourself you can go ahead and take a quick look number three clean the inside and the outside of the car clean it like you’ve never cleaned the car before okay now when you clean the outside of the car you’re gonna actually number one you’re gonna remove all of the dirt and grime and so forth but number two you’re gonna get to know the outside of the car whoops now chances are that you’ve already inspected the exterior of the car but when you actually clean it when there’s scrubbing the panel’s of the car you’re gonna get to know any little dents that the car has now like I said you probably inspected the car and you probably knew of certain dents or it didn’t have any dents but when you go and clean those panels you’re gonna find every little dent on the car which is a good thing because then you’ll know where they are so you can sort of keep track of them if you get more dense or you can go ahead and fix them if you want to get them fixed clean the inside of the car because that’s the environment that you’re driving in so you want to make sure that it’s nice and clean and you’ll also get to know all of the little quirks of the interior of the car you’ll find anything in the interior when you do a nice deep cleaning of the interior number four you should flush the engine coolant mele engine coolant plays a vital role in making sure that the engine is running properly and it prevents it from overheating and make sure that the engine stays in a nice cool mediocre temperature now with that being said you should flush the engine coolant even if the coolant is popped off and it looks perfectly clean it looks great you should flush it anyways just like I said with the oil you just want to make sure that your car is gonna be running in tip-top shape okay number five is to check the condition of the battery now battery is something that can leave you stranded unless you have jumper cables and it can still leave you stranded from time to time so with that being said check the condition of the battery check the date of the battery take a look at whether or not you see any corrosion happening on the on the posts or the terminals just take a look at you know whether you see the sidewalls of the battery bulging out just you know check the charge of it make sure that it’s in good condition if it’s not in good condition and it doesn’t have a lot of life left and go ahead and replace it if it’s in good condition you’re good to go you can leave it number six you should read the owner’s manual now the owners manual has a lot of good information it tells you pretty much everything that you need to know about the now chances are if you’re buying a used car that the person gave you the owner’s manual with the car but here’s the great thing if not if you can’t find the owner’s manual if you search online I’m sure you can find the actual owners manual or if you can’t find the owner’s manual online for whatever reason then you can actually do research and people in forums will have lots of threads about you know the various things about the car the good things the bad things how to fix this how to replace that how to maintain this how to do this with the car and that with the car so just read the owner’s manual or do some research so you actually get to know the car better and last but not least number seven check the brakes now the brakes are crucial they play a critical vital role in the car because guess what you can push the gas pedal in the car will go but if you want the car to stop you need the brakes check the condition of the brakes if they’re good to go you can leave them if they need to be replaced go ahead and replace them because brakes are arguably one of the most if not the most important parts of a car because they allow you to stop safely and effectively so check those brakes make sure that they’re good to go and that’s basically it in this video I’ve gone over the first seven things to do after buying a used car you’re buying a used car I know the first thing that you want to do is just take that car out and just drive it around the neighborhood but you should do these seven things first the first seven things that you should do as soon as you get that used car okay do these seven things first they will greatly help you in extending the life of the car and making sure that you’re happy with your purchase be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it let me know what you think down below as a comment what are some other things that you recommend doing once you buy a used car let me know has a comment down below and of course be sure to subscribe for more great car and driving videos just like this one and that’s all I have for you today thanks for watching



What’s up everyone. I’m Jordan and I’m going to be showing you three plant-based dinner recipes. Two these are just our simple casual weeknight dinners that we have typically on repeat or every other week. I think dinner is one of the hardest meals to plan for because usually everybody’s coming together for dinner. So, it has to please lots of people. It’s got to be hearty, it’s gotta be filling, and  it’s got to be what you want to come home to.

I love cooking dinner when I get home, but I like to keep it short and simple and delicious. So, here we’re having some sweet potato and black bean fajita vegetables, with some cilantro lime cauliflower rice. So, this meal will be grain free. Not that I am grain free person, I just really wanted to make some cauliflower rice instead of regular rice. So, yeah we’re gonna try that out.

First thing we need is a sweet potato. I’m just gonna chop it up and we’re gonna chop up a white onion into like some big chunks and I’m gonna toss it in with the sweet potato and this is all gonna get roasted together. Now, there is everything that we need for the cilantro lime cauliflower rice. I’m about to chop the cauliflower and just throw it in the skillet. Now, we put in our lime juice, some salt, some pepper, and some avocado oil to saute the cauliflower. and got some toasted sesame oil this will go on at the end this just gives the cauliflower a really good toasty flavor and it makes it taste some more similar to rice sarlaac butter and some onion powder [Music] it’s Wednesday night and time for another dinner recipe got everything laid out and to be honest I’m feeling kind of headachy I just got home from work and I just had a snack so I do feel a little bit better but I am serving and I’m so glad we’re having pasta tonight because pasta just like makes me feel so good we’re doing like a pasta primavera and I’m trying something a little bit different tonight I’m like kind of merging a bunch of recipes that I’ve seen before and keeping it really super simple so let me show you what we’ve got our pasta it’s gonna be what I have left of these penne ancient grains I’ve got half of a yellow onion chopped up we’re gonna saute that these are our vegetables got broccoli peas green beans carrots celery already some onion some mushrooms some red peppers I thought those would be really good in a pasta primavera also it would be really good in a stir-fry some nutritional yeast I’m gonna add a lot of that to the sauce to make it nice and cheesy and salty and then we’ve got some tomato basil sauce I’m gonna add that in there I love this brand they have really good ingredients and then to make it a little creamy I’m going to add a combo of like couple dashes of unsweetened almond milk to make kind of like a rose a sauce with the tomato basil sauce and then a little bit of cashew butter you could definitely probably omit this but I think it’s just gonna like make it nice and thick and creamy I don’t know we’ll see I might add in some arugula just because we have it in the fridge and I need to use it up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s time for our third and final weeknight dinner and tonight it’s gonna be SuperDuper quick and simple we are just doing some veggie burgers some baked fries and some sauteed greens it’s just gonna be like a mix of stuff that’s left over I need to get everything out I’ve already got the oven going for the baked fries they take the longest so I’m just gonna get out my russet potato and show you how I cook them just cleaned my big russet potato I always try to find the biggest one I can and I just rinsed it and I’m just scrubbing it because I like to keep the skin on and now we’re just gonna cut it into some big ol fry shapes [Music] there are two different methods I have for baking these fries to make them crispy without using any oil or both you’re gonna need a baking sheet like this my favorite way to do it is with one of these Silpat Macs something about this Silpat mat just like crisps things up on all sides like any veggie I love it and it’s nonstick so it cleans up really easily and nothing sticks to it now if you don’t have one of those parchment paper will work but it just doesn’t work in the same way for whatever reason could also which I’ve done this use a cooling rack so normally this is like a cooling rack for your baked goods you can also set this on top of your baking sheet and you can lay the fries out like that on the cooling rack on top of the baking sheet and put it in the oven like that you just have to be careful that way all the sides get nice and crispy because the heat from the oven is able to circulate around it you don’t want to crowd them otherwise they’re gonna steam instead of roast and get crispy I’m just gonna spread them out I’ve got the oven at 375 just because I find 400 I don’t know my oven might just be really hot I find it 400 they like cook too fast so I like 375 I set the timer for thirty minutes and just check them and see what they look like and then I add five minutes if I need it we’ve got the left over arugula that I need to do something with that’ll go in at the end cuz it’ll wilt super fast we’ve got some frozen broccoli florets that I need to use we have some roasted cabbage it does not look like much in there but it tastes really good I just need to chop it up from garlic powder some balsamic vinegar and some soy sauce the two of these together on veggies are like magic because this is nice and salty and gives that like savory flavor balsamic vinegar it’s like sour and sweet a little bit of avocado oil for sautee I’m gonna add some dried thyme in there as well really hope you guys enjoyed this week’s video all about quick and easy weeknight meals you sure you subscribe and like this video and comment down below with any questions or comments or your favorite weeknight meals that you like to make for you and your family I will see you next week for another video bye [Music] you [Music]


EASY VEGAN RECIPES FOR BEGINNERS (whole foods plant based, oil-free) // The Gamechangers Recipes

[Music] hey guys it’s rose and welcome back to cheap lazy vegan and another video today I want to dedicate a video to my beginners all of the people that are new to this plant-based lifestyle hello hi welcome I welcome you with open arms yes so today’s video I’m showing you guys three recipes that I think will be really great especially if you are starting out on a plant-based lifestyle these are basic but also very delicious and I’m using a lot of very easy to find ingredients that you can just find in your regular grocery store you don’t have to go to some fancy grocery store where broccoli cost $20 okay just go to your regular grocery store you should be able to find most of these ingredients there if not all of them and all of these meals will also be pretty high in protein so that’s gonna keep you satiated and they’re very nutritious I’m focusing on a lot of whole plant-based foods and these are also great for meal prepping you can make these in bulk and you can store it in your fridge and eat it for the next few days it’ll make your lives easier and meal prepping is just a game-changer so recently the movie the game changers came out on Netflix worldwide and I’m super excited for the release of this movie on Netflix because it can reach a wider audience if you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend you watch it it is actually a documentary that focuses on the benefits of a plant-based diet from an athletic perspective so from like a bodybuilding or an athletes perspective and it’s quite interesting because it really targets the male demographic which I do think is lacking in the vegan community so men just come over okay just come over here anyways you want to watch the movie okay all boys go watch the movie well if you already watching this then you’re probably ready anyway not important either way this movie is great I do highly recommend you watch it and the thing about these movies the I guess the unfortunate part about these movies it’s not unfortunate but I think a lot of people will watch these movies get very inspired which is fantastic but unfortunately after you watch it you might be really excited but you might not know like where to start to do like what are you supposed to eat and there’s so much information out there so that you know it’s almost confusing because there’s so much information so I was a little bit unfortunate but hopefully people will do their research afterwards and you know they’ll eat healthy and everything will be fantastic but yeah I just wanted you like show you guys some recipes that are really really easy to make that are great and hopefully that will help you along your plant-based journey if you guys need the written recipe if you don’t want to watch this video if you’d rather get the written recipe I always have a blog post that’s linked down below with the written recipes there so you can check that out if you would prefer that and of course the written recipes do include all of the measurements if you need it however when I cook now I just don’t even measure ok unless I’m doing a YouTube video that’s the only time I measure my ingredients ok anyways what else do I need to say not much else let’s get started the first recipe I’m going to show you is a very easy and basic cauliflower curry it’s delicious it’s simple it’s one pot it’s fantastic so the first thing we’re going to do is dice some onion I finally learned how to dice onions properly thanks to a Gordon Ramsay video yes that angry man sure knows how to teach you how to properly cook I don’t know what I’m saying now we’re going to cut up some cauliflower you can use whatever vegetables you would like my friends and in a large pot we’re actually using water to cook our vegetables because I want to keep things oil-free today but of course you can add in some oil to dice your onions first if you wish yeah I can use water or oil it’s up to you now here I’m adding some minced garlic which I already have available because I have minced garlic available all the time thanks to a hack if you want to watch what that hack is I’ll link a video down below and here we’re adding some spices so spices are very important and curry people so we’re adding in turmeric cumin chili powder curry powder and we’re gonna cook that up a little bit and then we can add our cauliflower and we’re also going to add some canned pineapple which tastes great we’re also adding some salt a can of coconut milk along with some water we’re adding some red split lentils that’s going to help thicken out this curry and of course more protein we are adding a can of chickpeas which I’ve rinsed and drained then we’re to bring this mixture to a boil when it comes to a boil you’re gonna turn it down to a low heat and cover it up and just let it kind of simmer for about I don’t know 20 to 30 minutes and then it’s ready to eat it’s super simple guys you can eat this with rice it’s also great with pasta we can eat it with bread you know with whatever you want I topped mine with cilantro and it’s that simple next recipe is going to be my go-to quinoa salad that’s super simple and healthy so first we’re gonna cook up the quinoa in a pot just one cup of quinoa and one and a quarter cup of water we’re going to bring that to a boil with a little bit of salt and then when it comes to a boil you’re gonna turn that down to a low heat cover it up and let it simmer for about 20 minutes or so while that quinoa is cooking you can pretty much prepare the rest of the ingredients so I opened up a can of black beans and I rinsed and I drained and I’m also going to chop a bunch of cilantro I love cilantro so I like to add a lot and I’m also going to chop up some red onion as well [Music] once the quinoa is cooked I like to remove it from the heat and kind of fluff it around a little bit and let it cool down once it’s cooled down I added it into a container here along with the black beans the cilantro the red onion I’m also going to add some canned corn in there as well and this is what I realized my container was too small so let’s move it to a bowl a larger Bowl so we’re gonna mix that all together I also decided to add in a bell pepper that I chopped up and some olives as well so I just had some sliced olives and I’m just gonna add that into the mixture so the dressing for this is super simple we are literally just using one lemon so we’re using the lemon juice to bring up the flavors of everything in here and I love this salad because it’s just so simple but it’s so tasty and all of the different textures and flavors just make this very interesting so all you need is lemon juice and a little bit of salt and maybe some pepper and that’s it and we can put these into containers and I also like to top mine with some Tomatoes as well I don’t want to add too many tomatoes because it can get a bit soggy if you add in vegetables that have a little bit too much water content so that’s something to be aware of another thing I love adding is avocado slices in here and it is so good next recipe is going to be a lentil stir-fry that’s so easy and delicious and lentils are a great source of protein and they’re just really good for you so we’re gonna rinse out some lentils drain it out and for one cup of lentils we’re adding in two cups of water we’re bringing this mixture to a boil and then when it comes to a boil turn it down to a low simmer and cover it up and let it cook for about 20 minutes or so until the lentils are soft enough and while that’s cooking we can chop up some vegetables I am dicing some onion I’m also going to chop up some broccoli as well as some King oyster mushrooms and I’m just using whatever I have in my fridge and that is the beauty of stir fries so after about 20 minutes I checked up on the lentils and I wanted them to be cooked a little bit longer so I just cook them for a little bit longer so just try it out and see if the texture is what you are looking for and then in a large wok we are going to add in those mushrooms and the onion and once again I’m not using any oil I’m just gonna use the juices of the mushroom to cook up the vegetables I also added in a lot of minced garlic as usual and for the sauce I’m keeping it super duper simple I’m using some kochujang which is Korean red chili pepper paste and I’m also going to use some teriyaki sauce and just mixing those two things together so quotas on is very thick so I like to kind of mix together the sauce first in a bowl with a little splash of water so that it becomes easier to work with and once those lentils are finished cooking you can of course add them into the wok and you can also use canned lentils to make your life easier if you don’t want to bother cooking lentils from scratch so we’re gonna add in that broccoli as well and the sauce and then just mix everything well and just kind of let those flavors make love this goes fantastic with some rice it’s simple its healthy its flavorful and you can of course add in other sauces and other ingredients if you would like and I’m going to garnish my lentils with some green onions and some toasted sesame seeds and of course I enjoyed these lentils with rice every single time it’s so handy to have this in the fridge it’s just a nice delicious and healthy meal that’s it you guys I hope you guys enjoyed these three recipes let me know your thoughts let me know if you’ve tried any of them if you have take me on Instagram actually lazy vegan I also have an Instagram like community page called cheap lazy gang where I repost your posts and delicious food so if you want to follow that you can do that as well if you enjoyed this video of course give it a big thumbs up if you new don’t forget to subscribe to this channel I have so many recipes on my youtube channel so check those out I’ve got lots ok lots of vegan food ideas you’ll never run out of food ok you’ll never run out of food so yeah I don’t forget to subscribe click the notification bell if you haven’t already yeah thank you guys so so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in my next video [Music]


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